Typographic Logo Designs Inspiration (Part 1)


Creating a good “simple” logo is always the hardest thing to do. When you have to design a logo that contains only text that must be unique, recognizable and easy to remember, the task is even more difficult.

While we have showcased examples of Animal logos Part 1 & Part 2 and Negative space logos Part 1 & Part 2 in last posts, today we will feature a collection of type-based logos.

Be sure to click the images to check out the details.


Javier Bueno · Creative Studio by Javier Bueno


Monsieur Bojangles by Peter Kortleve


Oh Beautiful Beer by harveyshepard


Unify by paulvonexcite


Ellie’s Table by Brian Rau


PopChicken Gourmet Express by IndustriaHED™ Branding Co.


Tank Garage Winery by BMD DESIGN


Ophelia Solo by Mark Conlan


Bakery by dalv


THE KNIFE by Katja Belkina


What is your favorite typograhic logo ?


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