Interview with Martin Poirier, partner & art director La Mamzelle & Co.


In the world of design, creativity is important. Perspective and diversity are key!

That is what this new interview brings to the table … different backgrounds, integrated approach, real commitment and desire to build work that lasts.

Martin Poirier, co-founder of graphic design studio La Mamzelle & Co. based in Montréal was kind enough to give us more information about the new logo of the month.

Just read the story … it can give you a shift of perspective or a new idea about the way to handle a new project or client.


Question: Can you tell us a little bit your studio and your background?

Answer: We’re a graphic design studio based in Montréal, Canada. Originating from different backgrounds, the studio’s cofounders are Eloise Deschamps and Martin Poirier.

Since 2009 the studio practices contemporary visual communication and specializes in branding, print and collateral design, illustration, typography, and web design.

In December of 2014, the studio has merged and joined forces with Catherine D’Amours, from Pointbarre, to create Nouvelle Administration. Together, their approach to graphic design and visual communication is the byproduct of an ongoing commitment to craft, quality, originality and the desire to create lasting, enduring, considered work.

Some of us often team up with other agencies for specific projects, such as Agence Code.


Q: Where do you get your daily inspiration?

A: Could be from anything, anywhere (i.e. sarcasm, street signs, a song, a language, an era in history, etc.) Inspiration can also come from the nature of the project itself.


Q: How do you come up with a concept for a logo?

A: From a thorough process. Before even sketching, we investigate, research and discuss our clients’ raw foundation, and raison d’être. The DNA if you will.


Q: Do you sketch first or work on a computer?

A: After writing many thoughts down and brainstorming, we do both.


Q: What are the steps you pursue in designing a new logo?

A: We follow 4 basic steps: brainstorming and research, sketching, design development, final design.


Q: What’s the story behind your Bar Salon logo?

A: For their bar/café’s new name, the Cinématheque Québécoise decided to borrow the title of André Forcier’s humorous 1974 feature film ‘Bar Salon‘. Instead of a logo design, a carefully applied custom signwriting approach was employed to represent a true authentic vintage Québec neighborhood bar.

The additional inspiration for this signature is the fashion in which large beer quart bottles were typically served in the 60s and 70s. One would place a small glass uptop a quart of Labatt 50 and away we go.

This project was commissioned through Agence Code alongside the talented Pierre Chapdelaine.



Q: How long did it take for you to create the Bar Salon logo and what tool did you use?

A: It took be the better part of a weekend using the pen tool and a grid



Q: How did you choose the right color and font for Bar Salon logo?

A: The colour and foil stamp were chosen quickly. The client wanted to keep it classic and a little retro.

The signature was hand-drawn and the primary font was inspired by the typography found on Labatt 50 beer bottles from the 1970s.



Q: What was the most challenging part about Bar Salon logo and how did you deal with it?

A: The budget was the most challenging part. Creating a brand with a limited budget is very challenging. You worry about the long-term quality of the brand.

The Cinematheque is governmentally-funded, and have been the victim of various budget cuts in recent years. Also, they have limited staff in communications and resources.

The idea was to create something which could then live beautifully on its own no matter how or where it is used.



Q: Lastly, do you have any advice for a beginner logo designer?

A: Work hard, and experiment. Do not limit yourself. Work with others, share and have fun. Try everything, keep it clean, keep it simple and trust your instincts.


Thank you for the interview, Martin Poirier!


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  1. suite à la lecture de cette entrevue, je veux te féliciter Martin pour la façon que tu as d’expliquer ton travail et de nous faire comprendre la dimension et tous les aspects que comportent le travail de graphiste. Félicitations! Excellent travail!


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