Interview with brand designer Kuba Piechota


This week we have a new designer willing to share with us from his experience while creating January’s logo of the month.

He is representing Fromsquare, a Polish graphic studio and has created this logo for a sports club. “Klub Biegacza Bolewice” has won us over with it’s simplicity and potent visual message.

Sometimes, keeping it simple is what works best. Enjoy the interview…


Question: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your background?

Answer: I’m a brand designer and co-founder of Polish graphic studio Fromsquare. From passion to design and art, we gathered a team, specializes with brand image design and creating 2D animation.

Every day we work and create in Poznan.


Q: Where do you get your daily inspiration?

A: By joining the work on a exact brand or by creating it from the beginning, everything is a inspiration, what is it their daily ecosystem.

While working on “Klub Biegacza Bolewice”, the inspiration, for creating the claim, came from casual conversation with club’s member, who was convincing me, to jog with him. After a few moments of my resistance, he said: “See? Just the same start for jogging is the hardest think”.


Q: How do you come up with a concept for a logo?

A: Through in-depth research, observation, interview, preliminary sketches.


Q: Do you sketch first or work on a computer?

A: Firstly sketches, then work on computer.


Q: What are the steps you pursue in designing a new logo?

  1. I was looking for ideas and solutions for a long time, I wrote them down.
  2. The next stage was to confront “pro and con”, collecting opinion and suggestion.
  3. In the next step, I sat down to display the whole concept.


Q: What’s the story behind your Klub Biegacza Bolewice logo?

A: The most important part of the imaging the brand is the way how it has to be receipt, read and interpreted by people who are in contact with it.

Communication of  “Klubu Biegacza” shows, that the goal of jogging is not collecting awards and first places, but courage, to take a competition with ourselves and stand on start.
The idea for logo I drew from the treadmill on the Olympic stadium, where it form was modified into letter “b” shape, from Bolewice place. Why stadiums? Because of the enormity arouses respect. Why for such a small club? Because it’s idea deserve such a one.



Q: How long did it take for you to create the Klub Biegacza Bolewice logo and what tool did you use?

A: Same logo was made in two days, however whole brand, was made in 2 weeks. Tools which were used for this project are pencils and paper, afterwards Adobe Illustrator.



Q: How did you choose the right color and font for Klub Biegacza Bolewice logo?

A: The black colour, in one of the interpretation, means strong and powerful character. Using it with the white colour, it provides the greatest contrast, resulting in a purity of message that intensifies its message.



Q: What was the most challenging part about Klub Biegacza Bolewice logo and how did you deal with it?

A: My attempt to start jogging, in preparation for the project (laugh). But seriously, the biggest challenge was to make a choice about preparing the identification, where logo is not direct, but is the subject to interpretation. That’s how my satisfaction is even bigger, because I had a possibility to prepare it for people, who perfectly understood the message and preparing intention for theirs project.



Q: Lastly, do you have any advice for a beginner logo designer?

A: Alongside with such a important elements like continuously work on our workshop and grinding skills of observation and interpretation, I would like to quote one thought, which I read a long time ago and which is an incredible important aspect when you start working on any brand:

“One of the things Massimo (Vignelli) taught me about designing identities is that it’s often easier if you find something that has some history, because it might still have a purchase on people imagination.” – Michael Bierut, design studio Pentagram.


Thank you for the interview, Kuba Piechota!


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