Interview with graphic designer Łukasz Ruszel


I’m sure you did not expect it, but  this week we have another young designer from Poland who is sharing his trade secrets.

From what he shares with us, you’ll find out that usually it’s not education that gives you the boost, but passion. A proper research, careful listening  and finding common ground is what you need for a pretty good start. Just let mundane things show you their beauty….and you will find that sometimes, less is more!

And if you are curious to find out our designer’s advice…read the interview!


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Interview with brand designer Kuba Piechota


This week we have a new designer willing to share with us from his experience while creating January’s logo of the month.

He is representing Fromsquare, a Polish graphic studio and has created this logo for a sports club. “Klub Biegacza Bolewice” has won us over with it’s simplicity and potent visual message.

Sometimes, keeping it simple is what works best. Enjoy the interview…

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