Interview with Martin Poirier, partner & art director La Mamzelle & Co.


In the world of design, creativity is important. Perspective and diversity are key!

That is what this new interview brings to the table … different backgrounds, integrated approach, real commitment and desire to build work that lasts.

Martin Poirier, co-founder of graphic design studio La Mamzelle & Co. based in Montréal was kind enough to give us more information about the new logo of the month.

Just read the story … it can give you a shift of perspective or a new idea about the way to handle a new project or client.

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Interview with designer & illustrator James Allan


Sometimes, going back to the roots…is worth it! Like this next interview is…

It is refreshing to know that among all the technology, above all programs & apps there are designers who don’t mind getting their fingers dirty (with charcoal).

James Allan is a designer from Australia, finds joy in the creative process, a sunny place and is a strong believer of finding inspiration in everything around you!

Odins Beard is an accurate symbol of tradition, from sketch to polished version.

Maybe that’s just what you needed to make your next logo great…

Just read about it!

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